Other Ecoflap products

We have two other Ecoflap products (for now), both pet doors.

The Petflap

The Petflap is our standard size pet door. It fits most cats and toy dog breeds.

The Petflap fits into glass, walls or doors. Standard trunking is 70mm long, but we can provide trunking from 35mm to 600mm. We can also make Petflaps to fit into awkward spaces so please get in touch if you need something out of the ordinary.

The Petflap is made of capped acrylic ABS (partly recycled already and 100% recyclable) with a tricoya layer in the door, 1mm EPDM closed cell sponge and 6mm acrylic windows. Altogether the flap is 14mm thick, which provides considerable insulation. The Petflap is often fitted into low energy builds and refurbs.

The Maxflap

The Maxflap  is our larger pet door intended to fit the biggest cats and larger dogs such as Jack Russells.

This door can replace or fit within a door panel (this depends on your door size and construction). We can make custom Maxflaps, eg for an animal with a disability. At standard the Maxflap comes without a paint finish or coating. It is entirely weatherproof without any coatings.

The Maxflap is made of tricoya, a sustainable, durable and weatherproof accoya-based MDF.