Fitting instructions for a  Letterplate Eco (Tricoya or ABS) to a solid panel door:

Please read these instructions through completely before starting to fit your Letterplate Eco.

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1. Check your Letterplate Eco

Your Letterplate Eco will arrive with a separate, loose fitting bar. Please don’t be worried that a piece has fallen off your Letterplate.

ABS Letterplate Ecos will arrive with a protective film on both sides. Leave the front film in place until fitting is complete, but remove the back layer when you are ready to apply sealant.

Before starting work to fit the Letterplate Eco, double check that you are happy with the action of the flap, ensuring the broader part is at the top.  Make sure you keep the Letterplate Eco vertical when testing the movement.

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fitting a letterplate eco

Tricoya Letterplate Eco






If you plan to paint, spray or stain a tricoya Letterplate Eco or apply wax or oil, do this before fitting. Ensure the Letterplate Eco is completely dry before handling.

2. Remove your existing letterplate

Remove the unit completely, including bolts, screws and any draught excluder on the rear of the door.

Make sure any old foam or sponge is removed and there are no remaining screws or clips etc.

3. Tidy up the aperture

The surface must be scrupulously clean. Dirt or an uneven surface can prevent the Letterplate Eco sitting flat against the door.  If in doubt a light sanding back to a stable clean surface will help. You may wish to fill holes. paint or otherwise tidy the inside of the apperture in your door.

If your old letterplate has left marks or scratches on the front of your door that won’t be covered by the new Letterplate Eco. we advise removing them and painting over the area before you begin. You can tape a cardboard or plastic cover on the inside of the door to help keep you warm inside whilst it dries!

Make sure all paint is completely dry before you start fitting the Letterplate Eco.

4. Put the Letterplate Eco in position

Without sealant, hold the Letterplate Eco in position and try the flap action. The Letterplate Eco needs to sit completely flat against the door.

fitting a letterplate eco

Try lifting the flap. If it doesn’t move easily or slide to the top of the unit, check the door aperture for any rough edges or protrusions. Work on these and keep trying the unit in place until the flap moves easily.

5. Position the Letterplate Eco

Still without sealant, put the Letterplate Eco into the aperture with the flap pushed completely to the top of the unit and as far up in the hole in your door as it will go, ie you can’t push the whole unit any higher in the aperture with the flap held open.






Holding the Letterplate Eco in place, fix the fitting bar to the door with masking tape. This provides a guide line for fitting and will support the Letterplate Eco as the sealant sets.






With a pencil mark around all the other edges of the outer frame as a guide for your silicone.

6. Apply silicone sealant

Remove the film from the rear of an ABS Letterplate Eco. If the film stays in place the unit will not stick properly to your door.

Apply a thin bead of silicone sealant on the door around the flat front edge of the aperture using the pencil lines as a guide, to avoid doing too much clean-up.






Firmly position the Letterplate against the fitting bar and in line with the pencil guidelines and again secure the Letterplate Eco with masking tape.

Gently test and check the flap opens and closes, shifting the Letterplate Eco into a better position if needed.

Now is the time to clean any sealant that has squeezed out.

Once cured the sealant will support and keep the Letterplate Eco in place without the tape.

7. Finishing

Once your Letterplate Eco is fitted and the sealant has cured, remove the fitting bar and all tape. The film can now be removed from the front of an ABS Letterplate Eco. Touch up parts of the letterbox surround as needed for a neat finish.

fitting a letterplate eco

Black ABS

draughtproof letterplate

Tricoya on door

letterplate eco video

Posting a birthday card through the Letterplate Eco








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