Letterplate Eco video

We have a YouTube channel where you can see Letterplate Eco video as well as video of all our products in action. You can see details about our other products on our Other Ecoflap Products page.

In these two Letterplate Eco videos you see how easy the flap is to open.

No force is required to post through a birthday card. The flap closes easily to vertical behind the delivery.


letterplate eco video

Posting a birthday card through the Letterplate Eco

The Letterplate Eco opens easily as the post is pushed against the flap. No need for two hands. Your fingers and your post will remain intact. From a chunky brochure to a weekend newspaper to a pizza shop flyer (sorry), the Letterplate Eco will take it.

The Letterplate Eco uses physics to stay draughtproof without the need for springs, hinges or magnets. Whichever direction a draught comes from, the flap will be pushed more firmly against the frame.