Letterplate Eco finishes

The Letterplate Eco works well with a variety of finishes. However, at the moment we don’t have facilities to apply those finishes ourselves. We’re looking into what can be done with a third party while keeping the Letterplate Eco affordable, so things might change.

We always recommend applying any finish to the Letterplate Eco BEFORE fitting. Make sure it’s completely dry before handling it.

Tricoya finishes

As standard, the tricoya has no finish added to its surface. It’s weatherproof without wax or oil. However you can paint it (we recommend PlastiKote Garden Spray) or add a layer of stain, wax or oil. We’ve successfully applied black wax, oak stain and teak oil:

L-R Black wax, oak stain, teak oil, no finish

ABS finishes

ABS is available in black, white or silver. It is capped with a layer of acrylic for a shiny surface.

Peeling the film from a black ABS Letterplate Eco

ABS Letterplate Ecos are shipped with a layer of protective film in place. Keep it in place until you’ve fitted it in your door and are happy with the install. Then you have the pleasure of peeling off the film and revealing your shiny new Letterplate Eco underneath.