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Modern Letterplate, new porch, C17th cottage

Modern Letterplate, new porch, C17th cottage

Benefits of the VI Letterplate

The VI Letterplate provides a stylish, draughtproof and robust solution to rattling and draughty letterboxes. Specifying a VI Letterplate gives your client the statement piece they want for their entrance door while contributing to the comfort and energy efficiency of their home. The Letterplate’s benefits to architects include:

  • firmly excluding draughts
  • improving energy performance
  • deterring rain ingress
  • eliminating rattling and flapping
  • 10 year guarantee
  • fitting template and screws provided
  • fit and forget – no tradesman or householder training needed
  • remaining in service for years with no need for repair or replacement
  • allowing postal deliveries through without a hitch
  • returning to its vertical position every time
  • made in England

Working so effectively, the VI Letterplate is a dramatic improvement on traditional top-opening spring-loaded letterplates.

Draughtproofing and energy efficiency

The Letterplate flap falls shut naturally

The Letterplate flap falls shut naturally

The Letterplate plays a role in increasing the energy efficiency of your projects, making a direct contribution to draught proofing. Elimination of letter box draughts reduces the amount of heating required to maintain a comfortable temperature within a house. As many houses have their thermostat in the hallway, the space most affected by letter box draughts, a more even hallway temperature means the thermostat won’t prompt the boiler to heat up unnecessarily.

The VI Letterplate is the ideal partner to standard home draughtproofing measures and energy monitoring systems.


  • we can deliver Letterplates direct to your site
  • we can work directly with your or your construction team
  • we offer bulk terms
  • we deliver anywhere in the world