We have a single task: designing and delivering the ultimate
stainless steel letterplate.

We think we are about there.

stainless steel letterplateHow did we do it?

We didn’t set out to make a stainless steel letterplate with better springs and brushes, or one with stronger magnets, hinges or catches.  We looked at the problems and made a marine grade, letterplate that simply works properly, by design. Not by adding things but by taking them away.

As with many brilliant and simple ideas we think it is also rather beautiful.

Why is this the ultimate Letterplate?

It opens to let through the post you want with a featherlight touch, never ripping or biting post or parcels. It lets deliveries through and closes immediately. It doesn’t blow open, even in a hurricane. It is draught-proof. It doesn’t let in rain.  There are no brushes to wear out nor springs to break. No hinges to rust and nothing else to corrode, even in salt spray. We guarantee it will work for 10 years.

What is it made of?

We use only marine grade 316 stainless steel for all our letterplates, and at nearly 2Kg it is no lightweight pretender. Each Letterplate is professionally hand polished and finished so each one is unique and crafted.

What is in the box?

Here are the box contents

How does it work?

Opening and closing the VI Letterplate